Comment on Gopnik’s Galore by Nick Schuff

It is interesting to read about how a small class of people with their own culture fit in to the wider scheme of things. You mention their nationalism, but don’t say much else about any political motivations. Are they driven by politics in any way and how does their nationalism manifest itself? I would imagine they like Putin a lot!

Comment on Countering the Counterculture by nschuff7

Did rock artists commonly criticize the government in their music while the rock was still underground or was it purely a show of resistance more than criticism? I would imagine that if they continued to voice discontent even after coming “above ground” so to speak, that they would continue to appeal to the counterculture.

Comment on The Godfather: Russian Edition by Katelyn

I love the title of this post! I think its a really important topic to talk about because after the fall of the soviet union the people who were most experienced with “capitalism” such as the mafia and other black market organizations really rose to power due to their knowledge.