Comment on The Big Deal: Children’s Verse by Thomas Lamm

As to Sean’s post, I think the change to “individuals success” was part of the economic change that the Soviets were going through. As the culture started to be introduced to Westernized music, art, and entertainment, the economics was also changing and becoming more Western. The Ford Motor Company sold cars to the Soviet Union that the Soviets used for their models and sold them as Soviet automobiles.

Comment on The Martyr Zoya Kosmodeyanskaya by tlamm418

Interesting how she still stands as a nationalist figure today! Even though she was tortured by the Germans during her harsh time she still was an outgoing person and supported her country the whole way! What an amazing story of patriotism and nationalism for the Soviet people and I’m sure this story motivated and motivates all of them.


Comment on A Bittersweet Homecoming by Patrick Butler

It’s crazy to think how a country could use its military in it’s time of need and then just discard its service members when they were no longer needed. The changing economy and housing problems expound the problems of re-integration and made it difficult for the government to successfully support their veterans even if they wanted to.

Comment on Corruption and the Russian Mob by cturrrn

Corruption in post-Soviet Russia was a huge problem, and it probably contributed to the heavy handedness of the current government. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the new government was much more timid than the old one, which left a lot of room for the mob to grow and become more powerful. Great post!