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Nice post, Farha. I also reviewed some other universities rather than ones I picked and you are right. It seems like most universities, if not all, chose the same group of words to state their missions. As you mentioned diversity, innovation or discovery and so. The other point is the emphasis of the connection to the world and not just the local and regional aspects. To my point, this part of the globalization of the statement gives a worldwide validity to the universities. The message that not only we care about our local and country, but we also include the whole world in our community.
Again as you mentioned, it triggers a question if they are successful to fulfill the goals which are aimed in the statements?

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I found your post extremely interesting because (o…

I found your post extremely interesting because (other than plagiarism) there hasn't been a cause for me to think about research misconduct. I had not idea that there was such a need for or an agency called the Office of Research Integrity. I absolutely agree with you that the drive to publish and the push to bring in grant funding puts pressure on researchers in ways that increases the impulse to falsify data. The focus should be on the quality of research. I also think finding funding from corporations can put pressure on researchers to manipulate data that benefits the funding agency. Not sure what the answer is beyond universities having more funds to house independent research projects, and we know that universities are already struggling with cuts. —Sarah Plummer
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Comment on Going Back to My Roots in South Carolina by Jenna Davis

I really like how you chose these two schools because they were close to you and you knew some of the backgrounds. It’s interesting to see how a science-based program’s mission statement differs from the liberal arts’ mission statement. I also like how they both included the element of personal growth in them. I feel like that is a very important part to have that isn’t always included. Nice job!


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