Free Hugs: Today Only

After watching Dr. Michael Wesch’s video (again), it was obvious that I need to draw my inspiration from the usual source, my students.  So tonight in class, I am showing the video and providing this response prompt:


  1. Please give me one adjective to describe how you feel about . . .

    The near future, a time and place of:

    •Ubiquitous computing
    •Ubiquitous communication
    •Ubiquitous information
    •At unlimited speed
    •About everything
    •All the time
    •From anywhere
    •On all kinds of devices


Please tell me, in one sentence,

How your voice will be heard in this “conversation”

when it is ridiculously easy to:



  1. In One Paragraph, please tell me

    Why you are here in programming class,

    and how this learning will help you:

    •Find meaning
    •Think critically
    •Find your identity
    •Go beyond critical thinking

I will post an update with the results shortly.


Obviously, my words are inspired by the ideas presented in the Dr. Wesch’s video, which you can find on YouTube here:

TEDxKC – Michael Wesch – From Knowledgeable to Knowledge-Able