Draft Due 3/6

Peer review due 3/8 on Canvas (also an in-class activity)


Jon Becker, “Hacking the Syllabus

Resources on the Schedule (week 7) and here.

Diversity Statement

Draft due 3/27


Resources on the Schedule (Week 9)

Teaching Philosophy

Draft due 4/3


Resources on the Schedule (Week 10)

Problem-Based Learning Assignment / Case Study

Draft due 4/24


Resources on the Schedule (Week 13)

Final Self-Assessment (Dear Doctor Nelson Letter) and Portfolio Due Wednesday 5/8 at 6:00 pm


Portfolio includes: Your Syllabus, Diversity Statement, Teaching Philosophy Statement, Case Study / PBL, and Self-Assessment

Please submit one document with the above items through the assignment tool on Canvas.

Your peer reviews (the ones you completed for other people) were turned in on Canvas or Drive, or completed F2F earlier.

Canvas is the University’s LMS. It is not Google Drive. It is not an email attachment.