Topics and course materials

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General Reminders about posting:

You need to post at least 5 times during the semester. There are nine eight posting opportunities during the semester. You are welcome to post more often, of course. The prompt for the week will be on the GEDI Central section of the front page of our website.

Posts are due by midnight Sunday. Posts submitted on time will be available in the “weekly posts” section of the front page Monday morning.

General Reminders about commenting:

You need to comment on at least three posts for all nine eight posting opportunities. That means a minimum of 27 24 comments over the term.

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TLDNR: Post at least five times. Everyone must post for the first week and for Week 10 (Critical Pedagogy). 

Every week there is a posting opportunity, you need to read and comment on at least three posts. (9×3=27 8×3=24 comments)

You should always respond to comments on your posts. 

Week 1 (1/23): Learning Community Welcome

  *Fri. (8/24): Set-up Blog and Post URL here by 5pm

Week 2 (1/30): Networked Learning (post — everyone)

Week 3 (2/6): Engaging the Imaginations of Digital Learners (post)

Week 4 (2/13) Anti-Teaching / Mindful Learning (post)

Guest speakers:  Dr. Emily Satterwhite, Associate Professor of Appalachian Studies, Department of Religion and Culture, and Dr. Rebecca Hester, Associate Professor, Department of Science, Technology and Society, on “Teaching Societal Health in Local and Global Contexts with a Biosocial Approach”

Optional: Attention and Multi-Tasking:

 Optional Reading:
Week 5 (2/20) Assessment (post)

Week 6 (2/27) Discovering your Authentic Teaching Self (post)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Brandy Faulkner, Visiting Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science and affiliated faculty in Africana Studies on “Let The Circle Be Unbroken: Using  Teach-ins to Address the Null Curriculum”

Week 7 (3/6) Designing a Learner-Centered Syllabus

Due: Syllabus Draft

Spring Break

Week 8 (3/20) Inclusive Pedagogy (post)

Materials and references from previous GEDI courses here


Week 9 (3/27) Diversity Statements Workshop

Due: Diversity Statement Drafts

Week 10 (4/3) Formulating Your Teaching Philosophy

Due: Teaching Philosophy Draft

Week 11 (4/10) Critical Pedagogy (Jigsaw session: post-during class)

Week 12 (4/17)  Open Critical Pedagogy / Open Access (post)

Guest Speaker: Dr. Homero Murzi, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering Education on “Problem-Based Learning at The University of Queensland”

Week 13 (4/24) Problem-Based Learning

Guest Faculty Facilitator: Dr. Homero Murzi, Assistant Professor, Department of Engineering

Module developed with Alex Noble, PhD Candidate in Industrial and Systems Engineering and Dr. Greg Purdy, Assistant Professor of Industrial Engineering, Auburn University

Due: PBL Case-Study Draft

Week 14 (5/1) Teaching for the 21st Century — Connecting the Dots (post)

Week 15 (5/8): Wrap up!

Due: Dear Dr. Nelson Letter (Self-Assessment) and Final Portfolio