The Explosion Lives On

April 26, 1986 is a date that will forever be known in history as the date of the world’s worst nuclear accident; the Chernobyl explosion. On this date, one of the main reactors in Chernobyl’s power station, located in Ukraine, exploded (pictured above), releasing radioactive material into the air not only in Ukraine, but even […]

The Generation Gap Grows

Around the time of 1968, youths around the world were making the transition from poster children to “problem children.” Gone were the days of strict obedience and falling into their designated social roles and in their place were days of protest, drugs and sexual experimentation. To some extent, Soviet children were no different. With Soviet … Continue reading The Generation Gap Grows

The Marvelous Metro

Walking into any of the Moscow metro stations today, as shown in these pictures, you’re stepping into a place that could be described as an underground art gallery. From intricate arches to massive murals, these metro stations are worlds different than the DC metro that a majority of us are more accustomed to. However, these … Continue reading The Marvelous Metro

The Famine of 1921-22

Throughout the time of the Russian Revolution, we have seen many different instances of food shortages; in some form or another. With the famine of 1921-22, the food shortages started to become, in nature, very political. During this time, the government would take food from the peasants and give it to those in the Red … Continue reading The Famine of 1921-22