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Mother Russia Loves Mother Earth

(Poster showing concern for the environment of lake Baikal, 1972) When one thinks of the Soviet Union and the environment, much of what comes to mind is the polluted waters, slashed forests, and major environmental disasters like the loss of the Aral sea. To an extent, it is right to associate the Soviet Union with … Continue reading

Red Army Slips on Ice

The 1980 Summer Olympic Games in Moscow were shrouded in controversy which culminated in being boycotted by a large number of nations spearheaded by the United States. However, just a few months prior in Lake Placid, New York, the Winter Olympic Games had just taken place. It was at this event where a miracle occurred. The … Continue reading Red Army Slips on Ice

The Olympics Got Political (Again)

The 1980 Moscow Olympics were supposed to be the Soviet Union’s chance to show off their culture and athletic prowess on the international stage. An article in Pravda stated that the organizers intended for Muscovites to engage with visitors and “familiarize the Olympic guests… with the most noteworthy aspects of our life,” while at the same … Continue reading “The Olympics Got Political (Again)”

The Fall of the Denim Curtain

Arguably the most significant and impactful event of the Brezhnev era was the legalization of the production of blue jeans (jk). Though many universities and workplaces had previously forbidden the wearing of jeans, the USSR embraced the denim craze, commissioning the companies Levi Strauss, Wrangler, and Lee to manufacture jeans in the Soviet Union in 1979. This […]

“Bleeding Wound”

History In late December of 1979, The Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in support Afghan communist government. Muslim guerrilla fighters were challenging the new Communist Government. The Soviet Union felt the civil war offered an opportunity to extend their communist influence. (Encyclopedia Britannica) The following video offers a simplistic concise overview of the conflict. Cost Over the course of … Continue reading “Bleeding Wound”

‘Goodbye, America!’

The Olympics is always a world wide spectacle.  It is a way to honor the the exceptional psychical talent that men and women across the globe have.  It is a way for countries to unite together in friendly competition. It’s

The War in Cold War

Afghan children play on the remains of a Soviet tank in the Behsood district of Jalalabad, Afghanistan, on Feb. 18, 2013. Soviet 1979 invasion of Afghanistan On December 24 1979, the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. The Soviet Union’s actions in Afghanistan demonstrated that they wanted to transform Afghanistan into a Communist State and exploit Afghanistan … More The War in Cold War