‘Goodbye, America!’

The Olympics is always a world wide spectacle.  It is a way to honor the the exceptional psychical talent that men and women across the globe have.  It is a way for countries to unite together in friendly competition. It’s

The Illusion of Khrushchev

  Khrushchev started out his reign as an a ruler that was for the people. He worked to raise the standard of living for the people and increase agricultural production. He worked to revive and de-censor the arts.  He started

Soldier Are Not Equal

World War II saw a lot of atrocities.  The Nazis in particular seemed to favor ill treatment of any person, citizen or soldier, that did not fit in their narrow view of the true and proper race.  Although Jews are

Lev’s Slow Downfall and Demise

  Leon Trotsky, a Marxist revolutionary and theorist, played a huge part in Soviet history in the 1900s.  He helped transfer political power to the Soviets with the October Revolution in 1917 and helped form the Red Army. During the

Terror Against Men of God

The Bolsheviks did all that they could to seize power, even if that meant killing thousands to get what they wanted.  The Bolsheviks conducted the Red Terror, a campaign of mass arrests and executions. The Red Terror resulted in tens

Civil Unrest Led to Government Instigated Pogroms

A ceremony at the Jewish cemetery in honor of an anniversary of the Russian Revolution of 1905, Dvinsk (now Daugavpils, Lat.), ca. 1910. The Yiddish and Russian banners honor “fallen comrades” and one Yiddish banner (second from left) reads, in

The Ever Changing Solvetskiy Monastery

Grave of the Gagarin Princes, Village of Suchki 60 Versts from Tver Russian Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii photographed two burial memorials on the south wall of the Transiguration Cathedral of the Solvetskiy Monastery.  Avraamii Palitsyn is buried under the metal canopy while Petr Kalnishevskii is buried in the foreground with the stone burial marker. The Solvetskiy […]