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Soviet Movies Finally Released to the Public

Gorbachev was known for being more of a lenient ruler of the Soviets. He issued a number of reforms and policies that were much different from his predecessors, including glasnost and the tearing down of the Berlin wall. With these leniencies, the Soviet people were able to express themselves much more fully, especially with film. For years the …

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The Soviet’s Vietnam

On May 26th, 1972, U.S. President Richard Nixon and Soviet General Secretary Leonid Brezhnev signed an agreement limiting the use of anti-ballistic missiles (Strategic Arms Limitations Talks). This agreement, known as the SALT I treaty, would mark the beginning of détente between the two superpowers. However, this thaw in the Cold War would not bring international … Continue reading The Soviet’s Vietnam

Centralizing Soviet Science: Akademgorodok

(The Symbol of Akademgorodok: a sigma representing the sum of Soviet science with a lightning bold symbolizing the new city springing into existince) Throughout the first half of its existence, much of the Soviet Union’s power had been focused on heavy industry and military might. However, after WWII and the death of Stalin, this focus … Continue reading

7th Blog Post Guidelines – The Great Patriotic War

This week we turn our attention to The Great Patriotic War (aka World War II) and the immediate post-war period.  Please use one of the modules from 1943 or 1947 in Seventeen Moments in Soviet History on-line archive. You may also use the module on Soviet Territorial Annexations from 1939.  You should consult  Ch. 12 in the Freeze text. If you are writing about something specific to the war, it would be worth considering William C. Fuller’s discussion on pp. 383-392 of Freeze about the reasons for Soviet victory.

The Ever Changing Solvetskiy Monastery

Grave of the Gagarin Princes, Village of Suchki 60 Versts from Tver Russian Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii photographed two burial memorials on the south wall of the Transiguration Cathedral of the Solvetskiy Monastery.  Avraamii Palitsyn is buried under the metal canopy while Petr Kalnishevskii is buried in the foreground with the stone burial marker. The Solvetskiy […]