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Soviet Movies Finally Released to the Public

Gorbachev was known for being more of a lenient ruler of the Soviets. He issued a number of reforms and policies that were much different from his predecessors, including glasnost and the tearing down of the Berlin wall. With these leniencies, the Soviet people were able to express themselves much more fully, especially with film. For years the …

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No Sex in the USSR

There’s actually quite a lot of sex going on in the USSR and without protection. Although the famous phrase “In the Soviet Union there is no sex” is just a misunderstanding on the part of a participant in a “Spacebridge,” a series … Continue reading

“Avariya & Xaoc”

  Over thirty years ago, the world witnessed the worst nuclear disaster to ever occur in history. On April 26, 1986, a massive explosion occurred in Chernobyl due to a failure of the nuclear power station’s number 4 reactor. The amount of radiation that was released into the environment forever impacted the environment and the… Continue reading “Avariya & Xaoc”

The Warsaw Pact Ends

One of the most significant events within the Cold War was the dissolution of the Soviet led Warsaw Pact. Created in 1955, the Warsaw Pact was the answer to West Germany’s admittance into NATO, which was seen as increasing the risk of war and threatening the security of “peaceable states” (The Warsaw Security Pact). Despite … Continue reading The Warsaw Pact Ends

Young, Wild, and Free

Throughout the course many of us have talked about gender roles, particularly about abortion laws and gender norms. When Stalin’s regime ended, it seemed that women’s rights took a 180 turn on several issues. The government especially started focusing on … Continue reading

Chernobyl: The Worst Case Scenario

In April of 1986, the people of Chernobyl, Ukraine begun an era irreversible suffering. On the 26th of the month, the local nuclear power reactor experienced an extreme explosion as a result of a power surge. The event, to this day, is considered the worst nuclear accident to ever occur worldwide. As radioactive dust quickly spread […]