Jason Schultz

No Sex in the USSR

There’s actually quite a lot of sex going on in the USSR and without protection. Although the famous phrase “In the Soviet Union there is no sex” is just a misunderstanding on the part of a participant in a “Spacebridge,” a series … Continue reading

Turncoats and Slanderers

With the death of Stalin in March 1953 and the soon-to-follow process of de-Stalinization under Khrushchev, socialist realism as a movement finally begins its slow succumb to scrutiny… but not without a lot of mixed signals and zig-zags from the Soviet … Continue reading

Soviet National Anthem

Russia is perhaps one of the only countries in the world whose anthem reveals so much about that country’s past.  “God Save the Tsar” obviously was no longer appropriate after the February Revolution of 1917; “The Internationale,” the French piece which replaced the … Continue reading

We Love the Leader

The Cult of Personality that rose up around Stalin in the 30’s is a phenomenon which reached even beyond Soviet borders, twice being chosen as Time’s Man of the Year in ’39 and ’42.  Rallying around Stalin was nevertheless a … Continue reading