Month: February 2016

The Successes and Flaws of a Socialist City of Steel

The Great Turn, the period following Lenin’s death during the late 1920s, oversaw a radical reshaping of Russian life, including politics, social life, and the economy. The most important aspect of this period was the economic progress made. Stalin himself claimed that “we are 50 to 100 years behind advanced countries. We must cover this […]

Teamwork Processes

What? Throughout high school, I was a member of three very successful teams: my school’s baseball and golf teams, and the leadership program. Through participating in these activities, I learned the value of placing individuals in positions where they can utilize their talents to help the team succeed. In the sense of baseball, each player … Continue reading Teamwork Processes

Oppression and Violence – a Russian Tradition

When the Bolsheviks emerged from the Russian Civil War victorious, they found themselves in shaky control of their new nation. Although in political control of Russia, they still had to win over the majority of the population who were uninformed and resistant to Communist rule. In Kronstadt,  a naval base outside of St. Petersburg, the […]

Entrepreneurs and the Re-emergence of Capitalism

In 1921, the New Economic Policy was implemented, which denationalized industry and further diversified the Russian economy. Vladimir Lenin argued that reforming the economy would stabilize unrest, particularly within the peasantry. Citizens were permitted to privately sell and exchange surplus of food and …

Characteristics of Teams

What? During our study of the characteristics of teams, something that caught my attention were the two most common obstacles leaders identified that were out of their control: organizational factors and material resources. These statistics were found in Andre Martin and Vidula Bal’s paper, The State of Teams. These two factors were of significance to me … Continue reading Characteristics of Teams

Calling all Kadets

When all hell finally broke loose in Russia in 1905, multiple political groups and factions rose up to rebel against the Tsar and his autocratic government. Starting with Bloody Sunday on January 9th, 1905, the Revolution of 1905 was critically important in the revolutionary phase of Russian history. With strikes, bloodshed, and revolts, and mutinies, […]