Neglect of Lake Baikal

During Stalin’s reign in the USSR, it is safe to say that certain aspects of society were neglected. One important concept that did not receive the attention that it deserved was the idea of environmental conservation. Due to Stalin’s great emphasis on the industrialization of the Soviet Union, environmental issues were not properly acknowledged. Lake Baikal […]

The Virgin Lands Program

After Stalin’s death, a period of reforms and changes began to take hold in the USSR. Among many changes and initiatives that took place, Khrushchev’s Virgin Lands Program was significant. The Virgin Lands Program was an “…ambitious scheme to convert

The Siege of Leningrad

  Thought to be the largest loss of life in any modern city, the Siege of Leningrad was an incredibly devastating event for Russian society. Beginning in August of 1941, German Army Group North had begun to put Leningrad under siege

The Secularization of Society

Along with the Bolshevik rise to power came the restructuring of societal norms. The Bolsheviks sought to delegitimize the power that the church had in Russia, and instead turned to secularizing traditional Russian society. As Freeze says, “…the Bolsheviks also

The New Economic Policy

The Russian Civil War had lay ruin to the Russian economy and despite the Bolsheviks’ success in the revolution, many citizens were becoming disgruntled about the economic situation that was taking over society. In order to ease tensions among citizens,

Nicholas II and the October Manifesto

The Russia Revolution of 1905 brought to surface the great unrest and uneasiness that had been brewing in Russian society for so long. Among the many things that Russian citizens were in uproar about, an elected legislative body was a

Zlatoust: Metallurgy Center

Located close to the Ural Mountains, the town of Zlatoust was one of the stops photographer, Prokudin-Gorskii, made during his trips around Russia in 1909. This picture depicts Zlatoust, a fairly small town that became an industrial center during the