Week 12 – Open Critical Pedagogy

This week’s topic, “Open Critical Pedagogy,” gives you the opportunity to explore the ways critical pedagogy ( the concepts we worked with this week) informs various currents related to “Open Education” and “Open Access” in contemporary higher ed. If you are how you might operationalize Freire’s commitment to accessible, mind liberating education and hooks’ attention to amplifying marginalized voices in your own teaching, you will find ample inspiration in Rajiv Jhangiani’s podcast, aptly titled “Critical Open Pedagogy.” There are some terrific resources linked on the webpage for that podcast.

I’ve also listed resources on a web annotation project called the “Marginal Syllabus,” which suggests how critical pedagogies can leverage networked resources in ways that challenge, rather than reinforce dominant paradigms and curricular assumptions.  You might also be interested in exploring the Open Pedagogy Notebook (which includes a recent submission from yours truly) and several resources Open Pedagogy in STEM courses by Karen Cangliosi. Finally, I’ve added a recent article on the “ungrading” movement for your consideration. This would have been nice to have on hand when we talked about assessment, but it fits nicely here as well.

So, please read, think, and write in a manner that seems most useful and appropriate to your interests and needs. You can’t imagine how eager I am to read your work and be back next week.