Painterly Architectonic

During the period of time around the Russian Revolution, avant-garde art flourished. Lyubov Popova became known as one of the most important artists of the period. Popova was born to a cultured family in 1889. She studied at several prestigious Russian schools of art while in her late teens and early twenties. Around 1910, she […]

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The Futurists and Natalia Gonchorova

Russian futurism emerged in 1912 primarily around the appreciation of modernity and human technological achievement. The futurists looked to the bustling commotion of growing cities, their rising skylines and chaotic sprawls for inspiration. Most of the work that came out of the futurist school captured in some ways both the literal movement of urban life and the movement of mankind, […]

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Week 2 Blogpost

This week’s blogpost is about a Russian futurism. This idea and style of both art and literary work had a very prominent Russian figure named Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky. The idealism behind this was to get rid of the normal traditional ways of Russian life, and to embrace industrialism and change within their society. Russian futurists liked […]

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