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Snatching God’s Thunderbolts

In February 1920, the All-Russian Central Executive Committee of the Soviets established The State Electrification Commission (GOELRO), kicking off the first major economic overhaul under the Bolsheviks. The GOELRO sought construct thirty new power stations, reaching a total capacity of 1,000,000 kW within 10 to 15 years (up from 1,038 kW). Expanding access to electrical power was significant […]

Steam Engine “Kompaund” (1st blog)

https://www.wdl.org/en/item/5202/#q=Prokudin-Gorskii&page=3 This is a photo of a Kompaund (compound) steam locomotive of the Ab type. This locomotive was created in the Briansk locomotive factory in 1909, this can be found by the number 132 on the front of the train. These were among the most powerful produced in Russia in the early 20th century. This … Continue reading Steam Engine “Kompaund” (1st blog)

Three Generations in Zlatoust

This photo by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, taken in Zlatoust, shows Andrei Petrovich Kalganov along with his son and granddaughter. Andrei Kalganov, age 72, is dressed in a caftan adorned with medals. Noticeably, Kalganov’s caftan contrasts with the attire of his son and granddaughter, both of whom are dressed in Western fashion. This aspect of the photo … Continue reading Three Generations in Zlatoust

Tea Time with the Russians

For many of us, tea is so commonplace that we don’t often think of its impact and origins beyond the fact that most tea comes from China. However, this tiny leaf has quite the story and impact on the Russian cultural landscape. Tea leaves first made their way to Russia by way of Northern China […]

The Weapons Cabinet

Founded in 1754, Zlatoust became “a center of finished metal production, including armaments.” Metal work was so important in the town that in 1825 Pavel Petrovich Anosov built a weaponry museum dedicated to the armaments made in Zlatoust. Anosov was also the director of the “thriving” factory in Zlatoust from 1831 to 1847. Years later in […]

Zlatoust Factories

This picture interested me because of the juxtaposition of the church and the factory next to it. To me, it symbolized the move from a non-secular state to a more secular state. As George Freeze mentioned, the late 1800’s was … Continue reading

Kasli’s Iron Legacy

One of the many aims of Tsar Alexander II’s Great Reforms was to modernize the Russian economy in order to compete with Western Europe. The Industrial Revolution had recently ushered in an enormous production and population boom in Europe. At the same time, Russia failed to keep up with its western counterparts. Russian infrastructure was severely lacking, […]

The Development of Russian Railways

Steam Engine “Kompaund” with a Schmidt Super-Heater Photograph Background Sergei Prokudin-Gorskii made several trips around the Ural Mountains where he photographed railway installations and other urban scenes. Pictured above is a “Kompaund” (Compound) locomotive of the Ab132 type, meaning it was produced at the Briansk locomotive factory, today Russia’s largest locomotive enterprise, in 1909. These locomotives … Continue reading The Development of Russian Railways