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The Not So Great Terror

  The red in the Soviet flag is supposed to symbolize the blood spilled by the peasants and workers in the 1917 revolution.  Ironically, these same people continued to spill their blood through out the entire lifetime of the USSR through various purges, wars, and famines.  The first of these numerous purges (and there will […]

Kirov and Killing

On 1 December, 1934 Sergei Mironovich Kirov was murdered at the Smolnyi Institute in St. Petersburg by Leonid Nikolaev, a former party member. The 48-year-old First Secretary of the Leningrad party organization and longtime Bolshevik member was assassination only months after he had received a higher percentage of votes in the elections to the Politburo … Continue reading Kirov and Killing

Maksim Gorky

The 1930s in the USSR was a period of great change on the cultural front, a period in which revolutionary values were replaced with Stalinist ideology and policies. A crucial part of this “Great Retreat”, as it is now called, was the re-unification of literature with Party values; thus making a move away from the … Continue reading Maksim Gorky

Unsurprisingly, Stalinism Isn’t Everything It Was Cracked up to Be

In a turn of events everyone should have seen coming, the progress promised by the revolution did not stick around. In the earlier days of the new government, progress had been made towards loosening restrictions on abortion and redefining what it meant to be a woman. Under the new regime, women were given the ability …

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