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No aggression coming from your pal Hitler, *wink wink*

Joseph Stalin was a historical figure in the context of Soviet history. He was notorious for his policies known as Stalinism which developed throughout his time in leadership of the Soviet government.  “He had claimed that Russia was “50 to 100 years” behind the West, and that without catching up in 10 years, Russia would […]

A Job the Soviets Couldn’t Finnish

Despite the hostilities between the Soviet Union and Nazi Germany in the 1930s due to ideological differences and rising power, Hitler offered Stalin an offer he simply could not refuse. On August 23, 1939 the two parties agreed on the Nazi-Soviet Nonaggression Pact  that ensured mutual neutrality and secretly partitioned areas of Eastern Europe including […]

Territory & WWII

By signing the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3, 1918 the Soviet Russia gave up its territorial claims to the Baltic region, Ukraine, and other parts of Eastern Europe to formally end its participation in World War I. As previously stated in my second blog post, this allowed for the Bolshevik leadership to focus on … Continue reading Territory & WWII

Literally the Only Time the US and the USSR Didn’t Hate Each Other

Seemingly from the inception of the Soviet Union all the way to present day, the Soviet Union and every version of it that followed has been at odds with the United States. Communism and capitalism are functionally antithetical, and since the USSR and the United States respectively embody each system, it makes sense that there would …

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An Unorthodox Solution

To the average Russian, it must have seemed in the summer of 1941 that their was no salvation from the Nazi tide to the West. Within the first month of Germany’s “Operation Barbarossa”, which takes overtones

Hero of the Soviet Union

“None the less the greatest credit for victory in the war surely belongs to the Soviet population itself. It was the Soviet men and women who sowed the fields, operated the lathes, stormed enemy positions, and survived siege and occupation. They often did so with signal heroism under conditions of unspeakable deprivation”- William C. Fuller, … Continue reading Hero of the Soviet Union

Episode 5: The Motherland Strikes Back

It was a dark time for the Soviet Union. By the summer of 1942, the Nazi southern objective was the oil fields of Baku. If captured by the Germans, it would stop the flow of oil to the Red Army. Adolf Hitler, leader of the German Third Reich, sought a symbolic victory in the German […]