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Episode 6: Return of the Jet Age

Fine dining, large seats, and pleasant service. Times of the past, a brighter day when the new jet planes designed for soaring amongst the clouds were formed around luxury and care. Back when competition fostered quality air travel as airliners fought tooth and nail to keep loyal customers flying. With international flight becoming more and more regular for a […]

Come Fly With Us

The 1960’s was an era of precarious relations between the United States and the Soviet Union. The decade started out with proxy clashes by the two superpowers, followed by near nuclear war, and various other close calls. However, this turbulent period of hostility started to change and move towards a detente between the two sworn … Continue reading Come Fly With Us

Three Generations

Three generations of a Russian family in Zlatoust, Russia in 1909.
This photo depicts three generations of a Russian family and the beginning of the twentieth century. This family lived in a town know as Zlatoust in the Ural Mountains. The town had become a hub for transportation and arms production at the turn of the century.