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I’m Not Drunk, You’re Drunk!

 (Photo: https://www.flickr.com/photos/27429206@N02/2743355206/)   One of the most prevalent stereotypes that comes to mind when thinking about Russia is that of the Russian drinker, warmed by an endless amount of vodka in a very cold country. While that is just a stereotype, alcohol still held a place of cultural and societal significance in the Soviet Union and … Continue reading I’m Not Drunk, You’re Drunk!

The Sobering Truth

The truth is, Russians can’t live without there alcohol. They like to drink….a lot. Every celebratory occasion in Russia calls for a drink but many would not even need a reason to drink besides that they enjoy it. Up until the start of the 1980s there were some anti-alcohol campaigns but never a real strong … Continue reading “The Sobering Truth”