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Blog 3 – Militarization of Labor

One of the reasons the Bolsheviks prevailed in the Civil War was due to the militarization of labor. “The militarization of labor involved two main processes: converting military units into labor armies, and “mobilizing” industrial workers to carry out particular tasks under quasi-military supervision,” (Militarization of Labor). The Red Army’s plan was to implement this … Continue reading Blog 3 – Militarization of Labor

Leon Trotsky

    Leon Trotsky, born November 7th, 1879 in Ukraine under his given name Lev Davidovich Bronstein. The name change occurred after he had been exiled to Siberia in 1898 for being one of the founding members of the South Russia Worker’s Union, an early Russian Marxist party. He remained in exile in Siberia from … Continue reading Leon Trotsky