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Out With the Old (Prisoners)

         It is well known that Soviet citizens were often victims to incredibly harsh punishments for mediocre crimes: examples of trial worthy crimes are here and here. But on March 27, 1953 De-Stalinization reached the prisoners that had been locked into the camps (Freeze, 2009, p. 410). Those who were released were […]

20th Century Russia: Maddie Williams 2017-03-26 11:36:28

During the war and years before, the Main Administration of Corrective Labor Camps also known as the GULAC held millions of prisoners. Gulag’s were the main punishing system for the Soviet Union. They held all different types of people including rapists, murders, thieves, political prisoners and many innocent men and women convicted for petty little […]

The Ever Changing Solvetskiy Monastery

Grave of the Gagarin Princes, Village of Suchki 60 Versts from Tver Russian Photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii photographed two burial memorials on the south wall of the Transiguration Cathedral of the Solvetskiy Monastery.  Avraamii Palitsyn is buried under the metal canopy while Petr Kalnishevskii is buried in the foreground with the stone burial marker. The Solvetskiy […]