Week 12 – Open Critical Pedagogy / Attention & Multi-Tasking

This week we will divide our energies between two topics. You may post about either one. If you aren’t posting this week, please listen to the podcast and do as much of the reading as you can.

The first topic, “Open Critical Pedagogy,” gives you the opportunity to explore the ways critical pedagogy ( the concepts we worked with a couple weeks ago) informs various currents related to “Open Education” and “Open Access” in contemporary higher ed. If you’ve been wondering how you might operationalize Freire’s commitment to accessible, mind liberating education and hooks’ attention to amplifying marginalized voices in your own teaching, you will find ample inspiration in Rajiv Jhangiani’s podcast. (Be sure to check out some of the affiliated sources on the podcast home page.)

The second is the issue paying attention and focusing on a particular task, challenge or experience. Alternate titles for this topic could be:”The Keys to Happiness,” “Balance and Flow” and “Making the Genie Work for You.” There are several reading selections for you to consider. You don’t have to read them all, but should make sure to look at Clive Thompson’s chapter. For the other selections, try to pick readings with opposing or contrasting viewpoints.


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