Comment on Misconception on technology and globalization by Arpan

I was talking about the infinite amount of desire being projected in human mind due to technology! I haven’t denied that living style of people has changed due to technology; but whats its use if it is making people more unhappy!! Happiness Index should be the measure of the success of any people or country (its quite abstract thing) not the growth in terms of the production and manufacture!!! Our aim in life must be to acquire worthy happiness (I think that is what people run after) !! I know its not what I can do but its what I think ?

Comment on Misconception on technology and globalization by aakash58

The idea of technology making us insatiable and less satisfied is another argument all together. If it is creating desire then so be it. It is up to the individual to decide what is good for him/her. Let them decide and choose what they think is best for themselves. However, this is more of a philosophical realm rather than pragmatic policy making so I will refrain myself (an example of the freedom that I have).
Regarding your privacy rights on social sites or elsewhere, people have the freedom to choose or not to choose. For example, if you read Facebook’s Data Use Policy, you will realize that they have clearly mentioned that they will gather data from your activity in order to find appropriate advertisements for you. But Facebook is not forced upon you and neither is any of the technology. Because you feel violated because of your own decision should not be an argument for restricting technology. Moreover, think about the businesses that have fostered by making such advertisements. People are voluntarily participating and with that businesses are growing because of it. What is wrong in that?
I agree that some of our advancements have been harmful to the environment. There have been huge amount of exploitation but that is a fallacy in implementation. With some proper regulations, some of which have already been formulated, such damage can be restricted, in fact, stopped completely. And to protect the environment, you need technology.