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I totally agree with you that stereotyping is hard to get rid of as most of it stems from some beliefs originated from a special culture. The only way to mitigate stereotyping is through education, but I believe that it is too late if we do so in higher education. This should start from the first day in school. We should strive to build better generations as early in their lives as possible.

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Thanks for the post! It reminded me of a presentation an engineering professor, Marc Edwards (Flint water guy) gave in one of my classes last year. He was talking about ethics in terms of water contamination and public health, but he started out the class with some shocking videos. The first video was of a child in China (he was quick to emphasize that the location–being in China–has nothing to do with his message; he could have picked a similar video from elsewhere) being run over by two different vehicles. Neither of the drivers does anything to help the toddler, nor do numerous passersby that see (and even step over!) the child. The toddler ends up dying. (I found the video he showed but did not post it due to the unpleasant content). He followed up this video with one of a dog getting run over by a car in the middle of a busy interstate. Another dog goes to the first dog’s aid and nudges it gently to safety, at great risk due to the heavy traffic. He used this as a jumping off point for his talk, making his point that humans are conditioned to be cowards (but that they don’t have to be! And, of course, there are many examples of humans being heroic too). He talked about the negative connotations of the words “snitch” and “tattle-tale” in terms of speaking up when something is wrong or doing the right thing which can result in, among other things, losing your job or friends. He asserts that, in the rest of the animal kingdom, you are not kicked out of your herd or denied food and water (equivalent of losing a job) for being heroic. Sorry this was a long comment, but if you ever get a chance to hear this presentation from Marc Edwards, I highly recommend it! And I will share the dog video link, because it has a happy ending.

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I really liked this circles metaphor. I want just to add something, Even if the circles don’t overlap they have to recognize that they both share the same type of geometric properties. They both have radius, circumference, area, …. Even if their properties are different, they should coexist so that they can be used to create a beautiful drawing (i.e. two small circles can represent eyes, and one bug circle can represent head!). The same should hold for humans. They are all sons of Adam and Eve. They have different colors, tongues, beliefs, … but they all should coexists to better know and learn from each other.

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