Comment on Article Regarding Religious Profiling on Campuses by Mohammed Farghally

I totally agree with you and support your call for an act to stop profiling in US campuses. On the other hand I encourage free of speech, but there is a great difference between free of speech and insolence. When you insult me because I am following a certain religion or believe in whatever idea, you are not practicing free of speech but you are digging your nose in my own life.

Comment on Student Loans by Sheryl

Hi there, what an interesting and relevant topic! The only discussion point that I would potentially posit is regarding student loan debt accrued in graduate schools. Here I am mostly referring to professional schools like medical, veterinary, dental, etc. These schools are often a lot more difficult to get into and, thus, an in-state option might not be feasible. Even so, they are still generally more expensive to attend than undergraduate schools. What makes it even worse is that this kind of education does not often have the same flexibility as undergraduate to accommodate additional jobs or income. I do agree that college students should learn to live within their means and that does not change as your education increases. But I wonder if that is really the entirety of the problem.

Comment on More Threats on Campuses by tanyamh

Sarah, I am with you. The seemingly daily and persistent news about violence on college campuses is unsettling. I used to always work with my office door open, even after hours or on the weekends. However, I am now more cognizant about closing my door as some form of protection should something tragic happen in my building.

Comment on If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t understand it yourself ? by Mohammad Esfahani

Agreed. This question is fundamental question in my mind: “Do you think you can describe your research work to your family or other naïve people?”. Because I believe a good researcher should be able to explain and publish his/her research in mass media. He should present his research in a simple way to be understood for all people.

Comment on To blog or not to blog after this semester? by Cassie

I think you bring up some great points! I have often wondered if blogging really matters anymore since trends and demands have shifted for how consumers want their information delivered. I too often find myself skimming posts if it is long or doesn’t grab my attention right away. Anymore, many blogs come across as soap-box rants; whereas other platforms, like twitter, limit characters and keep the message short and direct (in theory).

Comment on Article Regarding Religious Profiling on Campuses by Cassie

I appreciate you stating that it seems like sometimes the issues of free speech and religious profiling collide. While I do not identify as Muslim, I have been profiled more than once as intellectually inferior because I claim a religion. While I know that is a little off the topic of what you’re writing about, I think it’s important that universities take an active role to foster inclusion. Too often, I think people abuse the privilege that freedom of speech represents, and that this creates a lot of misfortune and discrimination within a university climate.