Comment on Can we choose our president?! by Mo

This is a really interesting idea! However, I think we first need to think about the role of the President. One of his/her primary duties is fundraising. I don’t think I’d be able to determine who has particularly good executive and/or fundraising skills. But it would be really fun to have university presidential campaigns on campus!

Comment on Higher Education in Egypt by mfseddik

I totally agree with you Ashish. But the problem we have in Egypt and I think also in India is that we have a tremendous numbers of students and a limited amount of opportunities in colleges such as medicine and Engineering. In Egypt, 90% of high school students are striving to learn either Medicine or Engineering since they are prestigious in the society. So, given these high numbers, the government had no choice except to set these “cut-offs” as an objective criterion for students to join these colleges.

Comment on Higher Education in Egypt by Ashish

In my country, India, the cut-offs to get into college to pursue some majors like economics, Physics, commerce are really high, especially if one wants to go to a good university. Hence, I am not really surprised at the high cut-offs for entry to medicine and engineering schools. However, I think that it is problematic as 1) It restricts many students to pursue some majors. This is a loss to both the student who is unable to study what they want to and the country as they are missing on some good quality doctors and educators who were denied education. 2) Such a system might put a lot of stress on high school students to get a good grade. A very high emphasis on grades kills creativity and is detrimental to learning.