Comment on The bright side of hating your passion by atoms

I’m curious how did you find the statistic about the 25% of grads in your department? I’m curious what the numbers are in the biology department here where I did my undergrad.

But yeah, I wish the university was better at making students aware earlier of the difference between a niche and a diploma.

Comment on We have different history textbooks by Chad

This is fascinating! History is such an interesting field because we often forget how malleable it is. It brings up an interesting issue in terms of what should be included in history, since so much of it is subjective. How does someone write an objective history? Fascinating stuff!

Comment on A Rant on Graduate School! by Chad

This is an inspiring post! One of the most important lessons, not just in graduate school, but in life, is to never be afraid to fail. Failure is how we learn. You aren’t going to figure it all out the first time. That’s why we stress revision in my field, because it is a way to examine and correct your mistakes. Leonardo Da Vinci said “Art is never done, only abandoned.”