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“day by day, class by class, student by student”…what a wonderful thought and doesn’t that neatly also fit into the culture of our profession as counselors…I’d like to add “client by client” to your list as well. You bring up some wonderful points Karen and I agree with Ken’s thought too “we are all role models”. I wonder if that is the basis of why people are so careful and stoic about what they say and what they do because they realize they are role models….they don’t want to say anything that contradicts what they do and vice versa….yet I don’t think they recognize that we cannot all be the same (imagine iRobot in real life! Yikes!)…we are all different and similar at the same time. Human beings are the epitome of dichotomies but we can use that to teach future generations what it is like to hold two truths together, as true as they can be, in a single vessel and live with it…isn’t that also just human?! And wouldn’t that be some awesome role modelling.

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Right there with you Karen! I have books lined up to read even now that have been lined up for a while and I sometimes get the opportunity to read a chapter here and there which just makes me so happy…the warp speed thing though is out of hand…even the days of mix tapes, VHS, floppy discs are gone…leave alone the days of song journals, recipe books and hand written birthday cards. Now everything is easy and convenient. Hopefully we can keep our scuba diving gear at hand cause when the opportunity arises, I am sure it will be fun!


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You have a great point! I’ve had the privilege of staying in touch with a few of my educators that rose to be mentors over the years both from India and US, and it has been a great experience to just have the opportunity to discuss with them what I am doing in my academic life currently…to be able to share how much their interest in my education has helped me in my journey.