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I would suggest that land grant universities were seen as a public good when they were first established in 1862. The purpose of their establishment was to give students a chance at achieving the same training as those attending a private university. The thought was that America would benefit from a technically advanced workforce.

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Grade inflation is already an issue, but it is a pittance compared to what would happen if results began to be demanded. Right now, much like high school in the 1980’s, grade inflation is occurring as a result of internal inflation. However, given external motivators the rate of grade inflation would increase exponentially as it did for no child left behind.

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Quick Response: Because Sound system is a proper noun. Check your human privilege.
Serious Response: I don’t believe so. I think that cost will always be a factor in any production within a mortal society. As long as our time is limited and quantifiable it is a resource we will barter with.