Comment on Why I decided to attend Virginia Tech by Atiyeh Vahidmanesh

Unfortunately the world is not as simple as the certainty describes in STEM fields. Fortunately or unfortunately, we as a human beings have will and we have freedom to do what we want to our life and as a result, STEM could not help us in real life issues. Yes, STEM can provide us better technology, easier life, and better solution to mechanical problems of life, but not for real life issues such as social inequality, education, motivation, discrimination, women rights and so on. As a person who starts with engineering and shifts to economics as a social science in graduate school, I want to tell you that STEM is so week facing with real life issues and to have a real good life, believe me, we need humanities and social sciences. Without them, without having people who can solve real issues, better technologies are useless!

Comment on When our education system cares only to final outcome, why should I do my project before the deadline? by Atiyeh Vahidmanesh

Thanks carriekilleen for your great comment. I agree with you that regularly check may not be the only solution. I also mention this fact that learning to do our job on time. As I said in my post also, kids need to learn a new approach to life from their early of their education. As far as we look at our life as a sprint and care only to outcome, no checks can solve procrastination problem and my point in blog is not to give them a step-by-step roadmap to do their job. I think we need a system to teach us using our time effectively and change our approach to life. If this has happened, I think procrastination problem will be solved in most cases.

Comment on Raising critical thinkers: harder than it first appears by Atiyeh Vahidmanesh

Is is enough to be only critical thinker in this ear? I think we emphasized a lot on critical thinking which is a good thing but we ignore other things. It is good that a student could think critically but I think at the same time we need that student learn to understand other people, be creative and stimulate his/her aesthetic views. overemphasizing on critical thinking could not solve the pedagogy crisis of our world.

Comment on A World Without Color Becomes Black and White by Atiyeh Vahidmanesh

I like your view that a world without color is black and white. While there is a different even between two identical twins I don’t understand why some people think that their race/ethnicity is superior of others! With all propaganda against Islam, in Quran, the holy book of muslims, The God asserts that there is not superiority based on gender, race and ethnicity among all human beings in God’s view and those who pray God and try to be better and improve their morality and their soul are those who are rewarding by God. While in Quran, God said this words, we see either there is race/ethnicity discrimination among Muslims too.

As you said, praising diversity may be one of the solution of discrimination based on race and ethnicity.

Comment on Sheep? by Atiyeh Vahidmanesh

I am agree with the author of that article in a way that the modern person is going to google every question he faces without think about it. One of my friend wrote a status on her Facebook page that she asked her students to write the summary of the recent book that they read as an assignment. Students start nagging that this is a hard question, one of the student said, no it is not hard at all, just google the name of the book and someone has already written something about it.

This story describes a scary situation that people try to find the easiest solution rather than thinking and acting. However in an era of communication and fast improvement of everything, having tools such as google is inevitable. I think we need to learn to our kid both in school and in family the culture of using this tool and the fact that nothing can take the place of critical thinking and thinking is the thing that is important and rewarded by society at the end of the day.