Andrei Sakharov

The Dissident Movement in the Soviet Union took place in the 1960s and 1970s and was created by opposition of the citizens to Soviet government policies.  Although participation wasn’t quantitatively huge, the protests made by a few leaders made great impacts for human rights and peace. (Andrei Sakharov speaking for human rights and against the nuclear bomb […]

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And the Academy Award for Tyrant of a Nation Goes to…..

Ivan the Terrible, for his role of  “Tyrant” in the country Russia! “Ivan the Terrible” by Viktor Vasnetsov This painting, done by Viktor Vasentov in 1897, is like a movie poster to me. at the bottom I could almost see the title “Russia!” and the tag line would read “the great mother land wasn’t ready […]

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Great Patriotic Anthem for a Great Patriotic War

  The second world war was one of the most defining if not the single most defining event for the Russian people perhaps of all time. The Soviet Union was brutally attacked after the formation of a non-aggression pact with their invaders, the Germans. Hitler’s campaign was one aimed at annihilation and extermination rather than at […]

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