Sober Up, Comrade!

It’s common knowledge that Vodka is a Russian specialty, and the Russian’s knew how to have a good time no matter the time of day or reason to celebrate. Blogger Katelin writes  in her post ‘War on…Alcohol?’ about the Soviet Union’s struggle with their population that was showing some unfortunate signs of alcoholism, such as … Continue reading Sober Up, Comrade!

Kickin’ It to The Soviet 60s Beat

What does бабушка think of those new dance moves?…What do people call them now? The ‘rocks’ and ‘twists’ and all sorts of hip-shaking dance moves were unfamiliar to the older generation in the Soviet Union (USSR). By 1968 they would be introduced to rock-and-roll for the first time, via smuggled and copied records from countries beyond … Continue reading Kickin’ It to The Soviet 60s Beat

The Soviet Students Clap Back, Letter-Style

Well well, if it isn’t the youth making another noteworthy appearance on my blog. Pardon my language but we’re more than halfway through the 20th Century (and the spring semester) of studying Soviet history, and these youngins have a lot to say from their knowledge and experiences influenced by things outside the Stalinist USSR! I…

Order Up! #227, Please step forward! (and definitely not back)

  Stalin’s Order No. 227 is infamous for the phrase “Not One Step Back!” and for beginning the catalytic events that ultimately changed the outcome of the war to the favor of the Soviet Union (USSR). Within the Order No. 227 there are direct orders from “The Supreme Command of the Red Army” to prevent and…

The Feminist for Russia: Alexandra Kollontai

Born of Russian nobility in 1872, it was surprising to me how Alexandra Kollantai related to the revolutionary movements in Russia before, during, and after the 1917 Russian Revolution. Her social class status and upbringing portrays one of wealth and prosperity. She was well-educated and was generally free to seek her own path in life,…

Youth in Imperial Russia

Image Source: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/prk2000000186/  Photo taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863–1944) Transition is a hot topic these days. At this moment I can name many states dealing with enormous transitional phases in government and economy: 1) The United States of America has a new president who was inaugurated just a few days ago on January 20th, 2) Great Britain has exited […]