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Doing Away With Religion

Communism and religion have always been at odds with one another. This antagonistic relationship started with Karl Marx when he famously wrote, “It [Religion] is the opium of the people” (Marx 1844). Religion was seen as a tool with which the ruling class used to suppress and control the working class. However, with the seizure … Continue reading Doing Away With Religion

Terror Against Men of God

The Bolsheviks did all that they could to seize power, even if that meant killing thousands to get what they wanted.  The Bolsheviks conducted the Red Terror, a campaign of mass arrests and executions. The Red Terror resulted in tens

Church of Gold

“What can the church of gold give us? Russia could be fed this year and the next!” Source: Hoover Political Poster Database. 2007. With all of the cultural changes happening during the early 1900’s, I found the changing of religion … Continue reading