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Young, Wild, and Free

Throughout the course many of us have talked about gender roles, particularly about abortion laws and gender norms. When Stalin’s regime ended, it seemed that women’s rights took a 180 turn on several issues. The government especially started focusing on … Continue reading

The Generation Gap Grows

Around the time of 1968, youths around the world were making the transition from poster children to “problem children.” Gone were the days of strict obedience and falling into their designated social roles and in their place were days of protest, drugs and sexual experimentation. To some extent, Soviet children were no different. With Soviet … Continue reading The Generation Gap Grows

The Soviet Students Clap Back, Letter-Style

Well well, if it isn’t the youth making another noteworthy appearance on my blog. Pardon my language but we’re more than halfway through the 20th Century (and the spring semester) of studying Soviet history, and these youngins have a lot to say from their knowledge and experiences influenced by things outside the Stalinist USSR! I…

Stalin’s Youth

The youth during the 1930s were much different than their elders were during their upbringing. This generation grew up with nothing but socialism and embodied all of the qualities of society during this time. While there were many parts of … Continue reading

Pavlik’s Story

The Soviet Union is famous for its powerful propaganda, and Pavlik Morozov represents it perfectly.  The story goes that Pavlik was a young boy who reported his father to the authorities for hoarding grain during the time of Stalin’s collective farming. He was killed for these actions and viewed as a hero of the state,… Continue reading Pavlik’s Story

Youth in Imperial Russia

Image Source: http://www.loc.gov/pictures/item/prk2000000186/  Photo taken by Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863–1944) Transition is a hot topic these days. At this moment I can name many states dealing with enormous transitional phases in government and economy: 1) The United States of America has a new president who was inaugurated just a few days ago on January 20th, 2) Great Britain has exited […]