The Elephant(s foot) In The Room

The devastating effects of atomic bombs became shockingly apparent after the United States dropped these new age weapons on Imperial Japan. But, along with atomic weapons came peaceful, cooperative uses for nuclear technology. One leading country in the innovative technology was the Soviet Union. The Soviets used nuclear reactors to create electricity and efficiently power … Continue reading The Elephant(s foot) In The Room

Shoot For The Moon. Even If The Cosmonaut Misses He’ll Land Among The Stars

Think of your hero today. Are they an actor, actress, musician, family member, or athlete? Well the proud Soviet citizen of the 1960s has a clear answer to that difficult and very personal question. The Russian Cosmonaut became the nations champion, paraded around the country as a hero who triumphed against the United States. Why … Continue reading Shoot For The Moon. Even If The Cosmonaut Misses He’ll Land Among The Stars

Making Red Warriors out of Peasants

(photo) “ I, son of the laboring people, citizen of the Soviet Republic, assume the title of warrior in the Worker-Peasant Army” (Solemn Oath on Induction into the Worker-Peasant Red Army). Lenin and his Comrades wholeheartedly believed that a general standing Army was detrimental and only a characteristic of conformist nations. Therefore, the Imperial Russian Army … Continue reading Making Red Warriors out of Peasants

The Melon Vendor

There is a photograph found in the Library of Congress’ World Digital Library of a melon vendor in modern day Uzbekistan. Please look at the image shown below… (Image found here) Taken around the year 1911 by Russian photographer Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii, the photograph elegantly shows the stark traditional nature of the city and people of which … Continue reading The Melon Vendor