Nothing More Russian than Vodka…Right?

https://www.etsy.com/listing/503187163/1960s-soviet-union-vodka-alcohol-abuse When people think Russia, it does not take long before Vodka comes to mind. Not much of a surprise since the sales of alcohol in 1975 gave the Soviet government more money than did income tax (Source). At the same time, it would seem that near the end of the Soviet era not all […]

When I Was Young We Played Outside

https://softlot.ru/sn/fireplaces/what-tvs-were-in-the-ussr-kvn-and-others-soviet-tvs.html For all of those people like me who grew up with Nintendo and television I am sure the above title had been said at one point or another by your parents. It would seem in this regard, the Soviet youth were hearing these decades in advance. According to this news article from the Digest […]

Corn and Communism Are All That Matter

Communism and economics are two intertwined terms that have their own well known definitions but just as not every capitalist economy is the same the Soviets after Stalin had their own economic interests. Khrushchev’s public economic policies was heavily focused on the production of food. First his Virgin Lands Campaign then his Corn campaign, both […]

Cult of Not Stalin

Stalin, both famous and infamous in his own ways, met his end in 1953 but not before creating a cult in the Soviet people in his light (Source). Stalin used force, propaganda, and even famine in order to keep created a god-like persona for himself in the helm of communism and the Soviets. A land […]

Dissent Among the Ranks

Photo:  http://www.dhr.history.vt.edu/modules/eu/mod03_1917/evidence_detail_20.html Soldiers with a sign saying Down with the Monarchy. The Great War for the Russians may have started out as simply a decision that had to me be made in order to be a prominent power but by 1917 there had been enough signs to show it had to end. One of the […]