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Guns or Records? What do athletes want?

Throughout the Carter administration tensions between the United States and Soviet Union were on the rise. The growing power of the Sandinista Communist faction in Nicaragua in 1977-1978 created as sense of urgency in the United States to perpetuate the policy of containment of communist ideology. The idea of containment became a domestic emergency following … Continue reading Guns or Records? What do athletes want?

Death and Dissolution

While the Soviet Century started off with more than just a bang, we unfortunately also watch it go out with less than a whimper. The Soviet Union was defined by the damage of it’s internal contradictions after decades of failed policy and economic liberalization pushed as an over-corrected response to a “socialism” one couldn’t say … Continue reading Death and Dissolution

An Olympic Medal In Distraction

In 1980, the Soviet Union was changing and evolving. The Soviet people were experiencing new social freedoms and opportunities that they had never had before. While experiencing social liberation, the Soviet Union was also experiencing economic uncertainty, the unpredictability of the Cold War, and major global backlash over the invasion of Afghanistan. I think the …

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It’s 1985 and Soviet Farms Still Suck

The stagnation of the agricultural sector during Brezhnev’s tenure was one of the abject failures of his catastrophic regime. The farming question has existed in the USSR since it’s inception, as  infrastructure , land realignments, and human capital relocation projects have been attempted to convert this abundance of land into reliable arable farmland. Brezhnev was … Continue reading It’s 1985 and Soviet Farms Still Suck

Let’s Talk About Sex

In the period of glasnost, or openness, in the Soviet Union, the conversation on prostitution became a public topic (Von Geldern). It wasn’t until 1987 that specific laws prohibiting prostitution were introduced in the Soviet Union. Prior to 1987, prostitution was taboo to many Soviets. I found it interesting that during an American talk show … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex

“Ayatollahs in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan”

“Ayatollahs in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan” Billy Joel’s reference in his hit song “We Didn’t Start the Fire” was the motivation/inspiration for this blogpost. 1979 was a turbulent year in world politics, especially on this front in central/south Asia. There are a few universally accepted adages through the course of human history. Never invade Russia in … Continue reading “Ayatollahs in Iran, Russians in Afghanistan”