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Kollontai Paving the Way

There were some major breakthroughs for women’s rights following the revolution, and Aleksandra Kollontai fought for those rights. One of these rights being the ability for a woman to divorce her husband without “obtaining his or any other permission.” (The New Woman) Social norms would be changed for women at home and in the workplace, … Continue reading Kollontai Paving the Way

The Men Who Say NEP

NEPmen were business people who took advantage of a disconnect between rural and urban communities dealing with production that was most likely caused by the longer struggles of natural industrialization but especially exacerbated by the famine that occurred between the years of 1921 and 1922. This struggle is also part of what became known as … Continue reading The Men Who Say NEP

Going off the Rails on a Murmansk Train

Here is a picture taken by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky in 1915. The photo is called Ladva Station on the Murmansk Railroad. Uneveness of the Railway.  Prokudin captured this photo (along with thousands of others) while traveling through the Russia Empire. Murmansk is a port city in northwest Russia. It was the last city founded in the Russian Empire. Murmansk gives people in western Russia highway … Continue reading Going off the Rails on a Murmansk Train

All the Lies We Cannot See: Operation Infektion and HIV/AIDS in the Soviet Union

In the early 1980s, the HIV/AIDS virus emerged and spread with quick and deadly force. Throughout the decade and into the 1990s, those infected (often part of socially-ostracized groups) fought for their lives in the face a seemingly indifferent government, a willfully-blind public, and slow-moving pharmaceutical companies. However, in the midst of the chaos caused […]

Innocence Lost: The Great Patriotic War in “Ivan’s Childhood”

Andrei Tarkovsky’s 1962 debut film, Ivan’s Childhood (available on Kanopy), follows a 12 year old boy serving as a scout in the Soviet military during World War II. Although it was made a couple decades after the war, this film not only portrays the mental and physical destruction wrought by the war, but also raises fascinating […]