Free Range Pedagogies

Expansive, networked, collaborative and unique.
cf. feedlots:
intensive, circumscribed, standardized and homogenized.


Relationships embedded in culture and biology. Companion species experiencing the world together. A process, not an event.


Seeking understanding of the mutable present through examination of lived experiences in other times and places.


Our brightest star. The dog star. Companion to Orion, guide to ancient mariners, muse for seekers, and beacon to space dogs everywhere.


This is the main hub for my networked learning activities and digital projects. Here you will find my recent course sites, main blog, Sirius Reflections and information about my research projects, recent presentations, and other professional activities.


An introduction to who I am and what I do.

Sirius Reflections

Sirius Reflections
My thoughts about history, animals, and networked learning.

Space Dogs

Space Dogs
An unnatural history of the dogs who paved the way for human space travel.