Caution: Crisis in Chernobyl

“In Germany, when Hitler and his regime brought about so much misery and suffering, they recognized it as a crime. And they strive to make sure it… Read more “Caution:…

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The Soviet Union doesn’t want you to put on that red light. The Soviet Union doesn’t want you to put that dress on tonight. The real version In the mid…

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Comrade's Corner

Death and Dissolution

While the Soviet Century started off with more than just a bang, we unfortunately also watch it go out with less than a whimper. The Soviet Union was defined by the damage of it’s internal contradictions after decades of failed policy and economic liberalization pushed as an over-corrected response to a “socialism” one couldn’t say … Continue reading Death and Dissolution

Give It All You Got

The 1980 Summer Olympics! This international sporting event presented an opportunity for the Soviet Union to boast their nation’s capabilities on an world wide platform. However, these Olympic games quickly became a symbol for both international turmoil and politics. Following the Soviet Union’s invasion into Afghanistan in 1979, Gorbachev and his regime supported Babrak Kamal … Continue reading Give It All You Got

Let’s Talk About Sex

In the period of glasnost, or openness, in the Soviet Union, the conversation on prostitution became a public topic (Von Geldern). It wasn’t until 1987 that specific laws prohibiting prostitution were introduced in the Soviet Union. Prior to 1987, prostitution was taboo to many Soviets. I found it interesting that during an American talk show … Continue reading Let’s Talk About Sex

Women’s Sexuality and the Changing Culture of the 1980s

Much like in the West, the Soviet Union experienced a “sexual revolution” – of a sort. By the 1980s, female sexuality had become a topic of interest, though it still was seen by many as taboo. The beginning of “glastnost,” or openness, led to more awareness of the female body; yet as with any sexual … Continue reading Women’s Sexuality and the Changing Culture of the 1980s

Why Afghanistan?

On the eve of 1980 the USSR invaded Afghanistan with invitation from the ruling body. Quickly the USSR inserted its own leader, Babrak Karmal (Geldern.) This led to a decade long war that robbed the USSR of precious public support, money and resources, and positive international attention. But why did the Soviet Union do this? … Continue reading Why Afghanistan?

Bye, Bye Vodka

In our perspective, the Russians are an alcohol- consuming, and -loving society. We cannot picture them without their beloved Vodka. Didn’t vodka make up for the cold winters in Soviet society? Well, the General Secretary of the Communist party in 1985, Mikhail Gorbachev, said “No more alcohol folks!” (-or, at least, from now on, only … Continue reading Bye, Bye Vodka