Comment on On women equality by aakash58

Thank you for your suggestion. We will try to be more creative in the coming posts. It is a learning phase for all of us and feedback, like yours, will help us learn more and do better.
Now to come to the issue, having reservations for women in metros somewhat says that women are inferior (because of some reason) and that they need special treatment. There is a mindset among many men in Delhi ,and elsewhere in India, to treat women as second class citizens. I am optimistic that this way of thinking can change. And one good way to change this would be to have women fight for the same thing as men without any special treatment. I am not asking to remove the reserved compartment but it would be better if majority started using the general compartment and thereby, in the long term, making the ladies compartment obsolete.
Also, to deem this issue as trifle would be a mistake, in my view. Equality cannot be realized in paper or in big words. Rather, small things make a huge difference. This could be thought somewhat in the line of “Take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves”, albeit a cliched one.