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A Bright New Future?

The 1970’s the golden years of the space age, it was only a few in July of 1969 had the Americans had put two men on the moon. With these significant technological innovations and a great deal of growing imagination, people began to think about life among the stars and the things we would do …

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The Race to Space

The Soviet Union was always up for a challenge and strived for new scientific exploration. They were the first state to set up drifting stations at the North Pole, and now they wanted to beat the United States by being the first ones to send something man-made into space. During the race into space, the … Continue reading The Race to Space

Shoot For The Moon. Even If The Cosmonaut Misses He’ll Land Among The Stars

Think of your hero today. Are they an actor, actress, musician, family member, or athlete? Well the proud Soviet citizen of the 1960s has a clear answer to that difficult and very personal question. The Russian Cosmonaut became the nations champion, paraded around the country as a hero who triumphed against the United States. Why … Continue reading Shoot For The Moon. Even If The Cosmonaut Misses He’ll Land Among The Stars

A Dog Called Laika

With the successful launch of the Sputnik satellite, the Soviets gained a foothold in their ongoing Space Race with the United States. As they did not have the capability to create a single rocket to launch the satellite into space, the Soviet scientist in charge of the project designed a cluster of rockets which, when …

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Sputnik Revisited

In 1955, President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s White House announced that the United States would soon attempt to launch a satellite into space. Within a week, the chairman of the Soviet Space commission announced that Russia would as well. The space race had begun. Then, on October 5th, 1957 Americans woke up to headlines like this … Continue reading Sputnik Revisited