The Americans: That's So 80's

For my last post, I decided to talk about The Americans, one of my favorite shows currently airing on television. The show follows Philip and Elizabeth Jennings, two undercover Soviet spies who live in Fall Church, VA. The show provides an unique perspective on the Cold War.

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The Warsaw Pact Ends

One of the most significant events within the Cold War was the dissolution of the Soviet led Warsaw Pact. Created in 1955, the Warsaw Pact was the answer to West Germany’s admittance into NATO, which was seen as increasing the risk of war and threatening the security of “peaceable states."

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Sober Up, Comrade!

As the Soviet Union carried out its campaign against alcohol, the population made up for it by brewing their own instead. The statistics are notable, however it doesn’t take into account what people who are addicted to alcohol will go through to acquire more of it.

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No Sex in the USSR

Although the famous phrase “In the Soviet Union there is no sex” is just a misunderstanding on the part of a participant in a “Spacebridge,” a series of televised dialogues between Soviet and American citizens, it reveals a long tradition of silence and taboo around sex.

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Comrades' Corner

Plot Twist: You Can Buy Me Love

“But to really combat the problem requires the moral regeneration of society.  Perhaps we should pretty much give up on rehabilitating the girls who have already become prostitutes; we won’t succeed anyway.  We must concentrate on the generation that is now in kindergarten and first grade.  We must see to their moral education.  And for this we need a national program.”

Poster for the movie (“Intergirl”) about a foreign-currency prostitute.

The Disaster at Chernobyl

Chernobyl, Ukraine was once home to four Soviet nuclear reactors. The key word here is “was.” In the early morning of April 26th, 1986 there was an explosion inside the fourth reactor that led to massive amounts of radiation being released into the atmosphere. To this day there is a “no go zone” in Chernobyl that is off limits to the public. The explosion occurred due to both human error and design flaws. There was a power surge that ruptured a few pressure tubes which contained uranium dioxide fuel. When the tubes ruptured the hot fuel mixed with water and caused a steam explosion.